Getting Started with the Benefits of Yoga

You’ve been feeling stressed out. You want to get into shape but are having a hard time getting excited about going back to a gym. Wouldn’t it be great to relax and unwind while you’re getting exercise and getting into shape? Learning yoga may be just the experience for you. The ancient mind-body practice has [...]

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The Key to Better Memory – And Effective Wellness Programs!

Boosting wellness memory and engagement Have you ever been introduced to a new topic, been drawn into the conversation, then quickly forgotten the main point? It’s a common experience for just about anyone. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques that you can use for better memory; one of them is called “spaced repetition”. And, [...]

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Lifestyle Choices that are the Biggest Causes of Obesity

We asked over 20,000 people five simple lifestyle questions and then performed biometric screenings on all of them to measure BMI/Waist, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar levels.  Our 3 findings surprised even us. The five questions we asked were: Where do you prefer to exercise when you make the time? a. Local member-based [...]

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Biometric Screenings are What?

Google “What is a biometric screening?” and you’ll get any number of articles that describe biometric screenings as “a measurement of physical attributes such as height, weight, blood pressure and more – that can be taken at a worksite and used as part of a workforce wellness program.” You’ll see test menus and descriptions on [...]

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Why Is Self-Reporting Acceptable Within Employee Wellness?

If your organization has an employee wellness program, you likely pay to have biometric screenings performed on your employees by a third party.  Why?  There really is just one answer to this question – it’s because you are concerned that if you allow your employees to self-report their measurements, the answers will be wrong, any analysis [...]

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Point-of-Care “FingerStick” A1c Health Screenings STILL PROHIBITED

Based on the enormous response to our last blog, 7 Lesser-Known Biometric Screening Regulations, it is apparent that several people were still not aware that POINT-OF-CARE “FINGERSTICK” HbA1c SCREENINGS AT THE WORKSITE IS PROHIBITED UNDER FEDERAL REGULATIONS. We thought it would be beneficial to provide everyone with the supporting information we are providing to those [...]

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Tony Romo is Overweight; Russell Wilson is Clinically Obese. Why BMI for Athletes May Not Be Correct.

Tony Romo recently made headlines due to a picture released with reports that he is overweight. In the picture he was wearing body protection which made Romo’s torso appear more robust than his actual body. The team responded that Mr. Romo is in good shape, and we believe them. Curious on this issue, we decided [...]

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7 Lesser-Known Employee Health Screening Regulations

In the employee health screening industry, compliance is not scrutinized enough by clients in our opinion. Biometric screening vendors are required to “represent & warrant” that they follow all state and federal health screening regulations, but little is done to verify compliance. Some companies find the cost of compliance is not worth it. However, being [...]

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CNN’s Fittest States Unintentionally Biased: The Importance of Workforce Data, Part 2

Each year, CNN releases its “Weight of the Union” – a ranking of each of the 50 states by obesity rate. The analysis is based the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System which is a state based system of health surveys established by the CDC in 1984 and is the largest ongoing telephone health survey [...]

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CNN’s Fittest Cities Unintentionally Biased: The Importance of Workforce Data, Part 1

On May 23, 2016 CNN released its ranking of the 50 largest metro areas from the fittest to the least fit based on the Annual Fitness Index (AFI) which is compiled by the American College of Sports Medicine. The largest single data source for the AFI is a system of health-related telephone surveys called the [...]

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