Point-of-Care “FingerStick” A1c Health Screenings STILL PROHIBITED

Based on the enormous response to our last blog, 7 Lesser-Known Biometric Screening Regulations, it is apparent that several people were still not aware that POINT-OF-CARE “FINGERSTICK” HbA1c SCREENINGS AT THE WORKSITE IS PROHIBITED UNDER FEDERAL REGULATIONS. We thought it would be beneficial to provide everyone with the supporting information we are providing to those [...]

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Is Your Wellness Portal ADA Compliant?

People with disabilities make up about one fifth (20%) of the population of the United States. Not all of these people have disabilities that make it difficult for them to access the internet, but a significant portion do. For many public institutions, creating a website that is compliant with Section 508 Accessibility Standards is the [...]

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Finger-stick A1c: Compliance Related Documents

Since our first communication regarding point-of-care A1c screenings NOT being compliant with CLIA, we have had dozens of calls with concerned consultants, brokers & large employers, many of whom are now making the correct choice and switching away from fingerstick A1c. The primary point of interest from these calls has been what documentation we can [...]

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Feds say “No” to finger-stick A1c: Health Screening Compliance

Afew months ago, my company was engaged in a RFP process for one of our most valued municipal clients of over 3 years. As part of that process, our client asked us to provide pricing for “point of care” (a.k.a. finger-stick) Hemoglobin A1c testing. As we began to explain that, practically speaking, there is no [...]

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